Corporate Services


With more than two decades of professional driving experience, there are more than a few things on which we refuse to compromise. At the top of that list: your personal safety, your satisfaction, and our reputation. With a fleet of high-end, luxury automobiles, we provide executive-style travel for all of your valued associates. We go the extra mile to allow you to impress valued clients and VIPs with professional airport and corporate transfer services. Wherever they need to be driven during their visit, they’ll enjoy personalized service in style.

We understand the importance of reliability and timing. As a corporate transfer services provider, we place a special emphasis on safety and efficiency. We plan our routes to ensure on-time arrival for both pick-ups and drop-offs. During the ride, your clients will be treated to luxurious pampering and comfort. Every Ad Astra driver is charged with the assured safety of our passengers at all times and remain uncompromising in their commitment to an exceptional experience at every level.
Find out how far our commitment to your satisfaction with corporate transfer service goes by book your next ride now.